Gun Control Failure: Loaded Handgun Found in Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison During Shakedown

The left thinks that if you make something illegal, people won’t do it anymore.  But despite passing some of the strictest gun control in the country–heck, maybe the world!–places like California, Atlanta, and Detroit still have much higher gun crime than anywhere else in the country.  Even cities and states with virtually no gun control at all!

Well, here’s another example of a place where you would think it would be IMPOSSIBLE to break the gun laws: prison. How in the heck is somebody going to get a gun into prison, much less ammunition to go with it?

But news came out on Friday and that’s exactly what happened.  And not just any prison, but the same prison where Jeffrey Epstein was held before he allegedly hanged himself.

Epstein had been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan until last August.  He was being held for trial for being willing to tell what he knew about his buddies, the Clintons.  Er…well, it was something like that.

While details of exactly where in the prison the gun was found haven’t been released, initial reports indicate that the prison is investigating corruption of the guards.  The report also indicated that this gun wasn’t the only illegal contraband found–hence the assumption that some or all of the guards must be in on it.

Lessons The Anti-Gun Crowd Will Ignore

This incident should highlight to the left a couple of things.  First of all, if you can’t create a truly gun free zone even in a prison, you’ll never accomplish it in society.  Consider: in a prison the bad guys already have most of their rights taken away to render them harmless and STILL manage to break the law and be a violent threat to others.  Even if the anti-gun crowd succeeds in turning America into one huge police state/prison, apparently there will still be criminals willing to smuggle guns.

Secondly, some people are evil and will do bad things.  The progressive left likes to think that if they just had better education or more opportunities or whatever, that everybody would be good, all the time. But these are the *guards* who were breaking the law.  While Karl Marx and his modern-day followers think all mankind can be trained to be good if you have a communist paradise, this article is proof that you can’t.  It’s the classic question that has plagued every attempt at Communism in the world:  Who watches the watchers?  That is, who guards the guards?  Who confiscates the guns from the gun confiscators?

We reject this entire view of reality.  Mankind does evil things and always will.  Even in prison, evil people will find a way to break gun laws.  All you can do is arm the good people so they aren’t at the mercy of the evil ones.