WATCH: David Ralston Cuts off State Rep. Matt Gurtler Constitutional Carry Speech

Atlanta, Georgia — Georgia’s most pro-gun elected official, State Representative Matt Gurtler, requested and was granted one minute to advocate for Constitutional Carry legislation he has introduced in Georgia.

In what are called “morning orders,” legislators are given one minute to present the issue they care about to their colleagues.

But as Rep. Gurtler walked to the front to speak, notorious Constitutional Carry blocker, House Speaker David Ralston, flipped the script and instructed Mr. Gurtler he only had 20 seconds to make his case.

Here’s the video:

Georgia’s largest Second Amendment organization, Georgia Gun Owners, reports that more than 57,000 emails have poured into the Capitol during this legislative session in favor of Mr. Gurtler’s legislation.

So much pressure is on the politicians at the Capitol that another gun bill that includes Constitutional Carry, HB 1126, has now been introduced, ironically by one of my Gurtler’s opponents in his race for Congress, Kevin Tanner, who knows Mr. Gurtler has outflanked him on Constitutional Carry.

Mr. Gurtler’s leadership on this issue has served as thorn in the side to legislators like Ralston, who want nothing to do with guns.  But the pressure on legislators is intense to get something done on guns because their constituents are insisting upon it.

Governor Brian Kemp promised Constitutional Carry on the campaign trail, and gun owners are demanding it now that he’s in his second year.

With Donald Trump on the ballot in 2020, and Republican turnout set to be much larger than it was in 2018, now is the time to make Constitutional Carry happen.