Ammo Sales Through The Roof, Rise 276% In Seven Days

We reported last week that sales of guns and ammo were soaring in the light of a potential quarantine.  At that time, was reporting that their sales had risen more than 50% in only 11 days.

But their latest reports indicate that Americans concerns have increased as restrictions have altered their daily lives dramatically.  In the days between February 11th and February 23rd, sales were up 54%.  But sales from just the last seven days are far outpacing those numbers. reports that this last week, their sales were 275% of what they were last year at this time.

In fact, if you look at the entire range since the Corona Virus hit America’s collective consciousness on February 23rd, here are the statistics provided:

  • 309% increase in revenue
  • 78% increase in conversion rate
  • 222% increase in transactions
  • 77% increase in site traffic
  • 27% increase in average order

Breaking down the numbers even further proved interesting.  States like Louisiana, where there are higher documented cases of Covid-19, are seeing a more than 1000% increase over last year at this time.  in fact, the data indicated that the states with the highest number of infected patients showed a correspondingly higher number of ammo purchases. In Delaware, numbers were up an astonishing 4,529%. Why?  The state has some cases of their own, but also have ‘hot spots’ in New Jersey and Philadelphia on both sides.

“You Can’t Shoot a Virus”

Now, most folk aren’t expecting a zombie apocalypse from the Corona Virus and the left mocks those prudent Americans who recognize that the threat is far larger than catching the sickness.

No, we have seen governments in Europe put their citizens into a complete lock-down, closing all business except grocery stores and pharmacies, and keeping people in their homes 24-7.  Every state is seeing shutdowns that affect every single citizen!   And after last weekend’s crazy rush on grocery stores, it’s become more apparent than ever that Americans are dependent for their everyday needs on outside food sources.  While there is still food on the shelf in the grocery stores, the veneer that ‘everything is going to just go on like normal’ wore thin last weekend.

What if the trucks stopped coming?  What if the warehouse filling the truck runs out?  Society doesn’t seem as rock solid as it did a week ago.  Formerly ‘asleep’ Americans realized for the first time that if the trucks stopped for even a week or two, things might look very different on our city streets.

And that’s why the Second Amendment is so important.  That’s why gun ownership and the right to be armed at all times is so vital to a free nation.

If things get much worse, desperate people could try desperate things.  And Americans obviously want to be ready for that scenario.  All sorts of ‘highly unlikely’ or ‘that will never happen’ things are part of our new reality.