VICTORY for Wyoming Gun Owners! Fix-NICS Bill Withdrawn After Onslaught From Gun Owners!

Cheyenne, WY–Great news in the fight against gun control in Wyoming yesterday!   We told  you last week about House Bill 59.  We’re happy to report that the bill has been WITHDRAWN by its Republican sponsor, Bill Pownall–before the session even began!!

That’s right.  This trash bill was filed by Republican Bill Pownall.  The bill was also referred to as Fix-NICS.   It would have drastically increased the size and scope of the NICS database.  Instead of scrapping a broken system–one that has an incredible record of false positives–Pownall wanted to put even more names onto the list of those not allowed to own firearms!

Cowards Will Go Soft on Gun Control Every Time!

Instead of fighting FOR gun rights, Pownall was pandering….to….well, since there’s no Democratic threat in Wyoming, he was pandering because he doesn’t actually have a spine.  Or principals.  Or care about the rights of his constituents.

After Pownall filed this bill on January 21st, Wyoming’s most aggressive gun rights organization sounded the alarm.  Wyoming Gun Owners sent emails and direct mail to their members alerting them to this anti-gun threat.

In response, Wyoming Gun Owners’ members poured the heat on Pownall and the bill’s co-sponsors.  And since the bill had several House supporters and a co-sponsor in the Senate as well, it was obvious that the legislators thought this bill had legs and was going to go places.

Gun owners were outraged at this treachery.  They poured thousands and thousands of emails, calls, and messages into Pownall’s office.  They bombarded the capital with one voice: touch our gun rights and there will be hell to pay.

After days of crushing political pressure, Pownall finally caved.  Late in the day on February 6th, and days ahead of the start of the legislative session on February 10th, Pownall withdrew his own bill.

Nobody Can Take the Heat–As Long As Gun Owners Bring It!

While other gun rights organizations want to be gentlemen scholars, that’s not how Wyoming Gun Owners and her sister organizations around the country operate.

Targeted political pressure wins every time over friendly chats with legislators over coffee.  Angry calls from gun owners are far more effective than “legislator lunches” where you try to make friends with legislators so they’ll be nice to you when your bill comes up.

The philosophy of Wyoming Gun Owners is different:  Politicians only respond to political pain.  So it’s the job of gun owners to make legislators PAY politically for even a centimeter of compromise!  And punishing the cowards who try to sellout is the fastest way to keep the good guys on the straight and narrow.

It Ain’t Over Until The Politicians Have Gone Home

We’re freaking proud of the work you did, Wyoming!  It’s just awesome to see what the grassroots can accomplish when they’re informed and take action!

That said, we know that no bill is really dead as long as the legislature is still in session.  And since it hasn’t even started yet, we can’t relax but have to stay vigilant.  This bill could come back as an amendment, as a special bill under another name, a different bill filed by somebody else, etc.

Keep bringing the heat! Make sure your legislators in Wyoming know that gun control is NOT going to fly in 2020.  Fill out the form below to tell your legislators to hold the line or they’ll face a Pownall-style beat down from angry gun owners, too.