Two Punks Break Into House Twice In Two Days; Get Shot The Second Time

Reno, NV–Two not-too-bright teenagers broke into a house on Saturday, February 8th.   The house, located on the 900 block of Bates Avenue, was occupied by a 14-year-old.  The two punks beat the boy up, robbed the house, and said that they would be back.  The Reno Police Department said the two intended to “return and inflict further harm.”

Then, assuming that nobody would do anything to stop them, they broke into the same house in the early morning hours of February 10th.  They were looking for the same 14-year-old, and intended to beat him up again.  Officer Travis Warren said the two were, “Essentially making good on their threat.”

But this time, there was an adult at home.  An adult who had a gun and confronted the violent thugs.

One of the two thugs pulled out a gun out and pointed it at the adult.  At that point, the adult was afraid the punks would kill him or the 14-year-old and shot several rounds at them.

He hit both of the thugs.  One was ‘incapacitated’ and is in critical condition.  The other was hit in the leg but ran out of the house.  He showed up later at a hospital, where he was arrested.

Reno Police aren’t releasing the names of the two young thugs, since they’re both juveniles. Meanwhile, the adult is not facing any charges at this time as he was acting in self defense.

Young Thugs With Guns Can Be Deadly, Too

When we first heard this story, we thought, “Good grief, an adult shot two kids for what looks like a school yard fight that spilled over to home.”  But then when we read more about it, this guy was totally justified.

You come into another man’s home with a gun, intent on causing harm?  You had better be ready to pay the price, punks.