Tone Deaf Bloomberg Holds Rally in Virginia; Gets A Gun Rights Rally Instead

Richmond, VA–Talk about tone deaf.  Michael Bloomberg, like most leftist elites, thinks that he’s God’s gift to humanity.

So imagine his surprise when he rolled into Arlington, Virginia for a presidential campaign rally where he was going to stump for gun control like usual.  But instead of finding hundreds of paid admirers, Bloomberg had reality slap him in the face.

Hundreds of gun owners had gathered to protest Bloomberg and his gun control.  Those gun owners know who financed the destruction of their state.  They know that Bloomberg put hundreds of thousands of dollars into flipping Virginia blue.

Pardon them.  They might not be as polished as his other friends, but they still wanted to show up to the party.

And show up they did!  Check out these pictures:

They started to trickle in, a dozen or so.

Banners taller than the crowd popped up:

Eventually, the 2A crowd was double and triple the size of Bloomberg’s staff and supporters!

In an ironic twist, the media tried to spin the crowd as excited Bloombots, but unfortunately for them, couldn’t get any good footage of actual Bloomberg supporters.  Why?  Because the vast majority of the crowd was there in protest!  Every camera angle made it clear that Bloomberg wasn’t the hero of this crowd, but the villain.

This is just plain fun to watch.  Mike Bloomberg tries to buy friends, but gun owning Virginians aren’t his $600-a-plate crowd.  In fact, they’d just as soon he left Virginia and took his purchased Democrats with him.

Good riddance, Mike.  You’re neither welcome nor wanted on the same soil as any free American.