Thugs Follow Philly Business Owners Home, Tie Them Up, Rob Them

Check out the news report:

Then, the two thugs broke into the home and tied up the two men and a woman who lived inside. The thugs were armed with guns, and the homeowners were caught off guard.  Putting up a fight was futile–or suicide.

The suspects quickly searched the house and found exactly what they were after.  They made off with cell phones, laptops, and gaming systems.  Once they had what they wanted, they fled on foot and left the three tied up.

Once the coast was clear, the woman was able to get free from the ropes they had tied her with.  She immediately called 911.

Thankfully, the three were uninjured.  Still, the awful feeling of your home being violated will stay with them for a long time to come.  The thoughts of “what if?” will replay in their head a thousand times.

Meanwhile, the two suspects are still at large.

Philadelphia has some pretty strict gun control. But instead of keeping these business owners safe from violent criminals, it just made it harder for them to defend themselves.

Once again, only law-abiding citizens obey the gun laws–and once again, they’re the only ones who pay for this violent crime.