RINO ALERT: Never Trump John Cowan Leaves Finger On Trigger in Posed Campaign Ad

Dallas, Georgia — For the second time in two weeks, a Never Trump candidate running for office in Georgia has made a glaring error in an overly posed and shall we call it — fake — Second Amendment campaign ad.

First, it was Georgia U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler wearing her brand new hunting outfit in an overly pathetic attempt to make everyone think she is a hunter.  Expensive diamond ring, pants, boots, and perfectly creased orange vest.

Now, it’s Never Trump John Cowan out of Rome, Georgia, who hilariously left his finger on the trigger of his shiny firearm in another transparently fake Second Amendment ad showing him crouched down underneath a tree (likely in his back yard).

Take a closer look at Mr. Cowan’s left arm — nice crease, huh?

Maybe he ironed his camo pullover for the photo shoot?

Or perhaps his team ran out and bought a new one to go with the shiny black rifle?

Mr. Cowan is well-known for writing a $2,700 check to anti-gun Chris Christie in November of 2015, when Mr. Christie was launching near hourly attacks on Mr. Trump.

Here is a screen shot from OpenSecrets.org of Mr. Cowan’s campaign contribution to anti-gun Chris Christie:

At the time of Mr. Cowan’s contribution to Mr. Christie, the liberal Republican Governor had a nearly two and a half decade history of supporting gun control.  In fact, here is a picture of a campaign flyer Mr. Christie used in his first campaign for office.

Georgians don’t have to look back too far to remember the famous 2018 Governor’s race between Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp.

Kemp had the well-remembered gun ad sitting next to the young man who wanted to date his daughter.

Mr. Cagle on the other hand, had the picture below.

Keep in mind, Mr. Cowan’s consultants ran Mr. Cagle’s campaign for Governor.

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that RINO (Republicans In Name Only) pose for pictures in campaigns ads, then do something entirely else once safely in office.

Cowan’s consultants were sitting on the bus with Casey Cagle when he said on camera that he opposes Constitutional Carry for Georgia.  Here’s the video:

Looks like a RINO, is funded with campaign contributions from wealthy RINOs who want him to cut deals and keep them out of trouble in Washington, DC, writes $2,700 checks to RINOs, poses for fake campaign ads like a RINO.

Well, you know what history is telling you — it’s a RINO.