Klobuchar: “Mandatory Gun Buybacks” Aren’t Gun Confiscation

Amy, Amy, Amy….what part of the English language didn’t you catch in school?

At a Democrat debate earlier in the year, Amy was asked by moderator Chuck Todd to share her thoughts on gun confiscation. Check out this video:

Todd asked, “Gun confiscation, right, if the government is buying back, how do you not have that conversation?”

Amy–silly Amy–replied, “Well, that’s not gun confiscation because you give them the offer to buy back their gun.” She went on, “I look at these proposals and I say, ‘Does this hurt my uncle Dick and his deer stand?’ Coming from a proud hunting and fishing state? These ideas don’t do that,” she added.

Maybe she doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘mandatory.’  Mandatory means they don’t have a choice, Amy.  It means that if they don’t submit to a mandatory buyback, they’re in violation of the law and are criminals.  In some cases, it can mean jail time.

Klobuchar has voiced support  in the past of an ‘assault weapons’ ban, and has said that she would push for universal background checks.

Maybe Amy just doesn’t understand what the word mandatory is?  Or is this more than that, and she’s just hoping the average Democrat voter doesn’t know much about guns or gun bans and will let her comments stand?

Either way, these sort of leftists have no business running a city dump, much less our country.  Goodbye, Klobuchar!  We don’t need or want you in charge of our country.  Minnesota can keep you–if they even want you after these comments.