Georgia’s Most Pro-Gun Representative Matt Gurtler Announces Run for Congress

Tiger, Georgia — Last week, we reported Georgia’s most pro-Second Amendment legislator, Matt Gurtler, was considering a run for Congress in the soon to be vacated seat by Congressman Doug Collins, who has announced he is running for Senate against Kelly Loeffler.

Moments ago, we received a press release from Rep. Gurtler that he is in fact running for Congress.

For four year, Gurtler has been the Second Amendment leader at the Capitol in Atlanta, pushing publicly and privately for Constitutional Carry, even when his own party leadership has worked tirelessly to kill it.

Here is what showed up in our inbox this morning:

“I am officially announcing my candidacy to run for Congress in Georgia’s 9th Congressional district! 

We did not expect this opportunity to come so soon. However, I’ve learned that it is not enough to simply support the Constitution, the Second Amendment, or love liberty… We must fight for our shared values and principles like I’m doing in Georgia.

Since Day ONE of my time serving in the Georgia State House, I’ve tirelessly fought to defend Georgia’s constitutional conservative values, principles and our God-given rights. Working alongside Governor Kemp, I’ve been fighting for Georgia to become a national leader in defending our second amendment rights.

Congress needs proven limited government conservatives who will stand up to Speaker Pelosi and fake Republicans like Mitt Romney and John Bolton. I support President Trump’s agenda to bring our troops home, cut job-killing regulations, and defend the right of the unborn.

My decision to run for Congress does not come lightly. My family, close friends and many of you, helped me pray and deliberate over this decision. Ultimately, I made the decision to run knowing that I will be a champion for the Constitution, a voice for liberty in Congress, and serve the people of Georgia.”