Biden: “If you’re going to take on the government, you need an F-15 with Hellfire Missiles.”

Hudson, NH—Sometimes we give Joe Biden a pass on the dumb things that come out of his mouth.  After all, it’s obvious the old guy can’t follow a speech or avoid putting his foot in his mouth at least once at every speaking engagement.  If we covered each of his bungles, we’d have no time left to cover any other Second Amendment news.

But the comments he made yesterday aren’t one of those blunders.  This is essentially a threat.  A threat from a man who wants to be the most powerful man in the world.

At a campaign event on Sunday in New Hampshire, Biden made the following comment:

Here’s his direct quote:

“Those who say the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots, a great line.  The fact is, if you’re going to take on the government you need an F-15 with Hellcat missiles!   There’s no way an AK-47 is going to take care of you if you’re going to take on, er if you’re worried the government is going to come down knocking down your door.”

Stupid Men In Power Can Still Be Dangerous

First of all, you perverted buffoon, the Thomas Jefferson quote says that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of TYRANTS!

Patriots have been spilling their blood for this country since day one.  It’s the tyrants who have been shockingly slow to spill THEIR blood for the good of our country.

But aside from the misquote, the entire statement reeks of your elitism, your condescension towards the insignificant little bugs under your feet is palpable.  Those dumb little voters who are so deluded as to think they should be able to defend themselves against tyrants and criminals!

Biden, you and your whole family are America-hating, citizen-trampling scum.  We’d hate to be you in eternity, when a lifetime of perversion, lies and theft catch up to you.

Meanwhile, gun owners are more than aware that while you may appear to be a bumbling fool, you are still a dangerous enemy simply because of the power you crave.  We’ll stand and oppose you at every turn, starting at the ballot box and ending at our front doors–should you ever be dumb enough to come knocking.