Bernie Admits It: Assault Weapons Bans Are Just The Start

During the Democrat debate held this week in New Hampshire, radical socialist candidate Bernie Sanders was outspoken in his desire to ban assault weapons.  Nothing new.  But this time, Sanders admitted that this was just the first step if he’s elected.

In fact, after saying that he would “end the sale and distribution of ‘assault weapons’ in this country” he went on to say, “And we go further, we go further.”

Of course, the crowd replied with thunderous applause.  Leftists are going to go left and sheep are going to follow them.

Check out the video here:

Prior to promising to ban the sale and distribution of ‘assault weapons”, Sanders said America needed to pass universal background checks.  He said he wanted to end the ‘gun show loophole’, and the ‘strong man provision.’

He wants to do all that, ban assault weapons, and THEN go further!

Everything He Wants to Do Has Already Tried And Failed

Bernie, like all aging leftists, actually thinks that those things will do something to stop gun violence.   He ignores the fact that California has had Universal Background Checks for ages and yet continues to have mass shootings and violent gun crime of all sorts.

He ignores that out of 300,000 convicted felons who used guns when committing their crime, less than 0.8% acquired their gun at a gun show.  The loophole they’re talking about?  It accounts less than 1% of gun crime.

On and on Bernie goes, making himself look more and more a doddering old fool.

Pal, go home.  You are done. Finished. Washed up.  Your ideas are as old as Karl Marx and have failed every single place they’ve been tried. We know that the Chinese and Russians submitted to being disarmed and murdered by the tens of millions.  But that’s not going to happen here.  Or if it does, it’ll be over our dead bodies.