AOC Blames the Fact that Citizens Have Gun Rights For Execution of Two NYPD Officers

New York, NY–If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you know that we like to point out the tactics of the left.  The story we’ve got for you today is a classic leftist tactic:  1.  Create a real, tangible problem.  2. Assign the blame to innocent parties.  3.  Take rights away from everybody to solve the ‘problem’ you created.

New York City was rocked by the news of two NYPD officers shot over the weekend.  The lunatic who shot them was apparently was on an ‘assassination attempt.’  He shot at two officers parked in a patrol car, and then walked into a precinct office and began shooting at officers, there.

Despite over a dozen rounds shot, nobody was killed.  When the man ran out of ammo, he tossed his gun and laid down on the floor.  Clearly not mentally well when you’re trying to pull a ‘suicide by cop.’

Nobody has mentioned where his gun came from–usually a sign that it was illegally owned.  We do know that the man had already done ten years in prison at some point in his criminal past, making him a felon who is barred from gun ownership.  But of course, this story isn’t just about the three wounded police officers and a lunatic.

Never Let A Manufactured Crises Go To Waste

No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the opportunity to blame gun owners, the NRA, and Mitch McConnell for the crime.  Never mind that New York has some of the strictest gun control in the country.  And let’s ignore that there is hardly a city out there that cares less for gun rights organizations than New York.

Check out her comment, here:

Following The Steps to Tyranny

What’s really going on in New York City?  We’ve mentioned how Cuomo and the rest of the radicals running New York are intent on having as many violent criminals walking the streets as possible.

This is a problem they’ve created: dangerous and violent criminals in staggering numbers are ignored, or arrested and then released without having to post bail.  This creates a dangerous predicament for police.   What’s the point of bothering to chase and arrest violent criminals if you’re going to put them back on the street in a few hours?  And now you have hundreds of people with a grudge against cops–and an impending court date–that feel like they have nothing to lose.

See?  The left created a real, tangible problem.

Then the mouthpieces start their chattering, blaming gun owners, the NRA, and other people who weren’t there and had nothing to do with the crime wave.  That’s step two: blame the innocent.

Now comes step three:  Shriek that we have a problem with gun violence and must pass gun control in order to make our streets safe again!

Once You See The Pattern, It’s Everywhere

You’ll see this pattern repeat anytime you see the ‘progressive’ left.  They do it on immigration. Step one:  Allow everybody in with no vetting or else we’re racist!  Unsurprisingly, crime rises as they’ve let in tens of thousands of criminals along with those seeking a better life.  Step two: Blame law-abiding gun owners for the rise in crime.  Step three: Pass gun control because guns are a big problem–just look at the crime rates!

Gun owners aren’t falling for it.  We’re done being the fall guy for failed leftist policies.  We’re done with our pro-gun politicians compromising on our gun rights so they can look like nice, ‘reasonable’ legislators.  The Left isn’t returning the favor; they’re out for total victory.   Gun owners across the nation need to realize that it’s time to start playing for keeps!