Anti-Gun Activist Escorted Out of SOTU Address For Shouting At Trump

Watching the State of the Union address last night was more entertaining than a three ring circus.

Between Nancy Pelosi’s childish temper that lead her to tear up a copy of President Trump’s speech to his rebuff of her handshake, it was a riot from start to finish.

But one man wanted it to be a literal riot when he stood to shout at President Trump over the Second Amendment.

Fred Guttenberg is the father of one of the Parkland, Florida school shooting victims.  Since that day in March of 2018, he’s joined up with David Hogg, Everytown for Gun Safety and any other anti-gun organization who will give him their platform.

Last night, Guttenberg was in attendance at the SOTU as a personal guest of Nancy Pelosi.  He was seated in the Speaker’s box, reserved for the guests of the Speaker of the House.

At one point during Trump’s speech, the president pledged to support the Second Amendment.   President Trump said, “Just as we believe in the First Amendment, we also believe in another Constitutional right that is under siege all across our country. So long as I am president I will always protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

Guttenburg was upset by what he heard, and began to shout at President Trump.   There were no microphones near him, so we don’t have clear audio of what he said.  Folks nearby reported that he shouted, “What about my daugther??”    Still, his outburst didn’t go unnoticed.

That’s classy, right there.   Guttenberg was then escorted out of the room by nearby U.S. Capital Police.

Count on a leftist to be disruptive at an event that isn’t about them or their issue.  Gun owners got 25,000 gun owners together in one place–most heavily armed–and there were no problems.  But get a room full of Democrats in the same room with somebody they disagree with and there will be shouting and security escorting people to the door.

Like we said: childish.