WATCH: Sheriff Who Promised to “Deputize Thousands” to Stop Gun Control Speaks Out

Richmond, VA–One of the most-anticipated speakers at the rally at the Capital in Richmond today was Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins–and for good reason.  Jenkins made national headlines in December when he announced that he would deputize thousands of citizens, if necessary, to keep Gov. Ralph Northam’s gun control at bay.

Listen to this two-minute speech here:


Jenkins didn’t pull any punches.  He began his speech by reminding the crowd that he hails from Yorktown, Virginia.  He told them that Yorktown was a city that fought for and won it’s freedom in 1781.  Jenkins said, “It’s been about 240 years and we are now faced with tyranny again!”

He continues:

“We should not have to struggle to win our freedoms again. We want our legislators to listen and to respect our federal and state Constitutions and our right to keep and bear arms!”

Amen!   This Sheriff is a model for law enforcement everywhere, and especially for those in Virginia.  Bloomberg and Soros want to pretend that this sort of gun control is not a big deal, that it’s common sense.  That’s why they’re trying to spread it all across the country!

But Sheriff Jenkins and 35,000 gun owners were loud and clear today.  They told the gun-hating, freedom-hating leftists to go jump off a cliff. We will not be ruled by tyrants!