WATCH: North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy ROASTS anti-Second Amendment Arguments!

Davidson County, NC– The topic of discussion at a council meeting in Davidson County, North Carolina last night was whether or not to make their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.  One of the sheriff’s deputies got up to speak.

Many exemplary law enforcement across the country have stood up to say that they’re unwilling to enforce any unconstitutional laws.  But rarely do we get to watch a righteous smack down on video.

That’s why you’re going to love this.  Check it out:


The officer’s name is Tripp Kester.  Kester works for Davidson County, North Carolina Sheriff’s department.  Add his name to the list of stellar law enforcement who are not playing ball with the left or their attempts to undermine our rights.

And yes, Davidson County did pass the resolution to become a Sanctuary county.  How could they not after Kester’s speech?