WATCH: Doorbell Camera Captures Violent Armed Robbery On Woman’s Front Steps

Oakland, CA–The video starts with a quiet front porch, but the darkness is soon pierced by the shriek of a woman in terror.

The footage, captured around 12:30 in the morning on Tuesday, January 21st.  The woman, who lives on Canyon Oak Drive near Keller Ave in the gun-control paradise of Oakland, California, is completely defenseless as the man assaults her and robs her at gunpoint.

Watch the video here:

She tries to flail at him with her purse, but a thug with a gun isn’t deterred by a swinging purse.  After all, the thug has has chosen an easy target:  a tiny woman in a state with some of the strictest gun control in the country.  The odds that she’s armed and ready to fight back?  Almost non-existent.

She tries screaming, and while you can see somebody in the background, we can’t tell if that’s an accomplice or somebody too afraid to help the woman.

Either way, her screams of terror are chilling.  You can tell she hasn’t thought through a scenario like this and isn’t prepared for such an aggressive, violent threat.

After the thug runs off with her purse, the woman gets off the ground crying and traumatized.  It will be a long time before she sleeps soundly at night, unfortunately.

Without her motion activated light and her doorbell camera, this lady would just disappear into the crime statistics.

Warn and Train The Ladies In Your Life

Share this video with any women in your life, whether they carry or not.  No woman can hear that screaming and not identify with the powerless terror that poor lady is feeling.

If your lady friends already carry, have them think about how to handle this situation differently.  If they don’t carry, send them this article and offer to take them to the range and a help them pick out a weapon.

Meanwhile, gun control is working just perfectly in California!  Bad guys are scared of cops and violent crime is a thing of the past!