WATCH: Anti-Gun Reporter Points Gun at Cameraman and Pulls Trigger

The liberal left likes to portray gun owners as simple, not that bright, or just plain uneducated.  Never mind that millions of gun owners are college educated.  Never mind that, these days, being college educated doesn’t mean you’re smart, anyway.  It just tells people you’ve been exposed to thousands of hours of leftist brainwashing.  Whether or not you’ve come out with your brain intact is a crap shoot.

But because they like to mock gun owners for their ignorance, it’s always ironic to find videos like these.

This reporter for VICE was doing a ‘hit piece’ –if you can call it that–on smart guns.  He was trying to prove that non-smart guns were ancient technology that needed an upgrade into the 21st century.

While examining several guns, he picked up a Thompson, pointed it directly at the camera man and dry fired the weapon.

Watch the video here:


We don’t need smart guns, smart ass.  We need smart people holding them, and you’re not part of that crowd.

The arrogance of the left as they preen around and speak condescendingly about gun owners is just disgusting.   It would be laughable if they didn’t have such a stranglehold on our media and school system.

Why Didn’t The Agent Stop Him?

Meanwhile, the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent who was standing there didn’t caution him, stop him, or reprimand him.  That pretty much speaks for itself.  That paid government bureaucrat–whose entire purpose is to ensure that guns are only used safely and legally–stood there like a deaf mute while some idiot reporter violates the very first law of handling a gun.  What a joke.  Bureaucrats will never care as much about gun safety, training, and knowledge as gun owners.

Next time some mouthy leftist tries to show you how dumb and uneducated gun owners are, send him this article.  He might not realize the problem, even after watching the video, but you can just sit back and laugh at him either way.

Or you can send it to anybody you know who is new to guns and say, “This is how you DON’T handle a gun!”

Carry every day, guys.