Virginians Bought Nearly 74,000 Guns in December!

Richmond, VA–Once again, what the Left meant for harm has turned out for the good.

Reports of gun sales for the month of December were released last week.  In the state of Virginia, 73,849 guns were sold in the 31 day period.

And while the holidays are a popular time to buy firearms, these numbers are staggering.  In fact, those numbers are 47% higher than gun sales in Virginia in December of 2018.

Virginia officials say that the only month that has surpassed December of 2019 was December of 2012, when 75,120 guns were sold.  This was when then-President Obama was ramping up his gun control rhetoric.

You’d think these Democrats would learn that the more they threaten our gun rights, the more guns we’re going to buy!  We’re pretty sure January’s numbers will blow any other January on record out of the water.

Gun dealers in Virginia reported that there was a larger percentage than normal of ‘first time gun buyers.’  There was also an increase in purchases of guns or accessories that were likely to be banned.

Robert Marcus, principal owner of Bob’s Gun Shop in Norfolk owns one of the largest gun stores in the state.  He told reporters, “Everyone down here is upset. I’ve never seen more customers antagonized by a situation.”

Fight Hard Before It’s An Uphill Battle!

Antagonized is a good word.  But if they’re upset now, just wait until Northam and his crew of Bloomberg shills ram through more gun control.

Act now.  Arm yourselves, of course.  But do not forget that the ONLY thing standing between your gun rights and the radical left is you.  Not your ‘gun friendly’ politician.  He’ll sell you out in five minutes if he thinks it will get him more votes.  He’ll vote all day long for compromised, watered down bills that are designed to fail–just so he can say that he’s voted pro-gun.

No, it’s time for grassroots gun owners to hold these politicians feet to the fire!