Virginia Democrat’s Proposed Bill Could Cancel Reciprocity Agreements

Richmond, VA—Another Democrat in Virginia filed a bill attacking our gun rights.  You’d think that’s the only issue in Virginia.  All their homeless people are tucked into warm houses.  Every veteran has access to the best medical attention with no wait periods.  All their failing kids are headed to MIT.  They’re just focusing on guns because that’s the last little area the state hasn’t perfected yet.


It’s just leftists focusing on guns.  Why?  Because guns and gun owners are a threat to them.

In this case, we have Delegate Dan Helmer who filed a bill on Wednesday that would give Virginia’s attorney general the power of discretion about which states’ carry permits they will recognize.

Attorney General Mark Herring is an avowed anti-gun Democrat, of course.  He’s openly said that the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement won’t accomplish anything because he’ll basically ignore it.

That’s not exactly reassuring.

Currently, Virginia’s concealed carry laws recognize every out-of-state concealed carry license.  But now that would be up to anti-gun Herring.  Maybe he decides that some state’s requirements aren’t high enough?  Maybe he decides he just doesn’t like people from Texas?  (That’s usually a sign of jealousy.  We’re used to it.)   Maybe he decides that he won’t recognize any reciprocity with other states at all?

Virginia lawyer George Lyon commented exactly that.  “This is certainly more restrictive than the current process, which recognizes everyone’s permit. He can start saying, well, for this reason or that reason, I’m not going to recognize their permit now.”

What Happened to Checks and Balances?

This is why America has a Constitution.  So that no one person could ever get enough power to destroy the Bill of Rights.  No radical attorney general should ever have the power to do something like this—for good or for bad.

Imagine how the left would screech if pro-gun guys got elected next term and that new attorney general decided that we could just standard issue handgun permits to everybody over the age of 10?

This isn’t going to end well for this radical crowd in Virginia.