Virginia Beach Declares Itself Sanctuary City Despite Media Circus After Shooting Last May

The left’s anti-gun talking points continue to crumble.  Northam and other radical Democrats have tried to say that because the Democrats have won the State in November, these new gun laws reflect ‘the will of the people.’

But the Sanctuary movement has proved them wrong.  And now, one more city has driven a nail in the coffin of that theory.

The city of Virginia Beach city council met and voted last night 6-4 to declare themselves a Sanctuary.  They said that they would “take no actions which would violate the freedoms guaranteed by either the Virginia Bill of Rights or the Federal Bill of Rights.”

Two Birds With One Stone

Rock on, Virginia Beach!

This is a victory in more than one way.  In May of 2019, only eight months ago, an unhappy city employee walked into a municipal office building and shot 12 people dead.  The shooter, DeWayne Craddock, knew that guns were banned but murdered all those people, anyway.

The media hopped on the Virginia Beach shooting and used it as an example of why more and stricter gun control needed to be passed.

But last night, the City Council shot that down cold.

Mayor Bobby Dyer commented, “I know this is a tough one for us. We are not unified on this. We are all in agreement on one thing. We all support the Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth. There are changes coming in Richmond and some of the pre-filings have caused people to react. Yes, we were a city whose foundation was rocked, but we have to have the conversation.”

Basically, 12 tragic deaths thanks to a madman who ignored the law is no reason to violate the rights of every citizen in the city.  After all, Virginia Beach has more residents than any other city in the state at more than 450,000.


We love watching the blows rain down left and right on the arguments of the anti-gun crowd.  NO, people do not change their minds about gun rights just because of a tragedy.  NO, you can not make people good by making more laws.  You will NOT  take our rights away because some people feel better with only cops having guns.  And we will NOT just shut up and sit down.