‘The Man Behind the Sheet Wants Your Guns’: Posters of Northam in Blackface Hit Virginia Cities

You know, the left’s hard-hitting Political Correctness Police will get you fired for silly things like posting a picture of yourself with a game animal you killed legally and at great expense.  They’ll get you fired for using the wrong pronoun. They’ll close your business for not going along with their ideas about what reality should be.

But if you’re an anti-gun Democrat, they’ll be really quiet as long as they do what you want.  And boy, if Northam isn’t just dancing right along to the leftists’ tune.  He’s the perfect little Bloomberg puppet.

Well, one organization in Virginia doesn’t want gun owners o–or any citizens–to forget about Governor Northam’s little high school blackface incident.

This week, posters advertising January 20th’s Lobby Day at the capital in Richmond began peppering local cities.

And boy, are folks talking.   See the posters, here:




Virginia Citizen Defense League’s director Paul Moog authorized and paid for the fliers to be made and posted—with an intentional concentration in areas of minorities.

After all, how could anything be hateful about posting a picture of the Governor from his own 1984 college medical school yearbook?

A Black Eye for a Black Face

The posters went up in Culpepper, VA, over Christmas week. Many of the fliers were illegally posted on utility poles (likely a volunteer who didn’t know where they could post them) and have since been taken down.  But the reminder that Northam is a two-faced liar was well timed and well-executed.  It was a direct hit.

Despite it Northam’s photo being a national scandal, there were some folks who were unaware of the incident.  Several folks contacted the local media in Culpepper, VA to say they were shocked to see a racist image was being posted around the city.   Imagine their surprise to learn it wasn’t a photo shop but is their own governor!

To those who called media or the authorities to complain, Mood had an epic slap back: “I’m sure only Democrats are complaining because they’re embarrassed by their governor who is basically an unrepentant buffoon.”

See, Moog is a nicer guy than we are.  He kept that all PG and printable in a nice newspaper.

High Impact Hit Before Lobby Day

For those who might question them, why use the photo?  Moog has an answer.  “I think it resonates with most folks the Democrats are pushing this stuff to take the attention away from the governor’s embarrassing racist past. That’s what this is all about—he’s trying to get away from his scandal, and it’s worked.”

Yep, if the PC Police are after you, throw up a leftist smoke screen to appease them so you can retire with your pension and collect speaking fees.

President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Philip Van Cleave, agreed with Director Moog about Northam’s motives: “Don’t look at me, look over there, we need gun control, don’t worry about my foibles with wearing blackface.”

Meanwhile, director Moog has shared electronic copies of the image to other cities in Virginia.

Let the Games Begin!

This is going to get so much more interesting before it’s over.

Northam, you shouldn’t just tucked tail and run while you could.  All the lefty friends in the world won’t help when your wife can’t pick up the grocery order without the clerk knowing what a dirt bag tyrant you are.