Texan Sees Anti-Gun Billboard and Decides to Make It More Texan

Conroe, TX–For folks who aren’t lucky enough to live in the great state of Texas, they might not realize that the urban areas are being overrun by an influx of liberals.  As liberal policies fail in Detroit, Boston, and the entire states of Illinois and California, tens of thousands of them are selling their over-price cracker boxes to move to Texas.

In fact, for three years in a row, U-haul reported that one-way moving truck rentals heading to Texas were a full 50% of their one-way rentals.

Conroe, TX, specifically, has experienced an incredible boom in the past five years–mostly of folks moving in from more liberal states.

That’s the only explanation for this anti-gun billboard going up in September of 2019 on Interstate 45 and Farm to Market Road 1488.

“Ban Assault Weapons” the black sign blares in stark white letters to the tens of thousands of cars that pass it every day.

But the billboard wasn’t up for long when one Texan decided it needed a little something.

Some crazy bold-ass Texan climbed that sign (presumably at night time) and put the Gonzales Flag on top of the billboard!

Come and Take It!  You want our guns, you’ll have to be willing to do more than write a check for a billboard.

That said, demographics don’t lie, and Texan voters need to realize that importing  hundreds of thousands of liberals in a decade is going to change the political landscape in a hurry.  Time to get proactive, before they’re in a Virginia scenario.

Meanwhile, if you’re buddies with the guy that put that Gonzales flag up there, send us his name!  We won’t tell a soul, but we’ll hook him up with some cool Second Amendment swag.