Tennessee Democrats File A Red Flag Bill, But They’re Just Following Republican Example

Nashville, TN–A Tennessee Democrat has filed a bill that would allow citizens to petition the court to have their relatives firearms removed.

What could go wrong, right?   You’ve didn’t see your crazy liberal Aunt at Thanksgiving and hear her drone on about how anybody who owns a gun is dangerous?  Hope you were nice to her, because under this new bill, she could call the cops on you and get your guns taken away.

Senate Bill 1807, was filed by Democrat Senator Sarah Kyle of Memphis.  Kyle’s bill allows not only family members, but household members, boy or girlfriends, or police to petition the courts to have your guns taken.

Hope you and that roommate who didn’t pay his share of the rent ended things on good terms!

Of course, these laws place an enormous burden on the one being accused to prove their innocence, rather than the court system to prove them guilty of a crime.  In fact, Red Flags are the epitome of “Think Crime.”   You haven’t broken any laws, but they think you might, so they’re going to preemptively violate your Second Amendment rights.

Imagine if we did this with another right.  We think you might say something illegal, so we’re going to force gag you so you can’t hurt somebody’s feelings by exercising your First Amendment rights.

Sounds insane, right?  Having your rights taken before you’ve committed any crime is tyranny.  Period.

Who Started This Crazy Train

Democrats across the country are rushing to pass versions of a Red Flag law everywhere they can.  They are facing resistance in several states–most notably Virginia–but there’s one thing that’s making it hard for gun owners to stand up to these tyrannical laws: Republicans.

You see, how can gun owners stand up and demand that Red Flag laws be killed…..when Republicans are filing them, too?

That’s the case now in Tennessee.  Republican Senator Steve Dickerson filed a Red Flag bill in 2019 and was loudly in favor of them.  He said the following:
Red flag laws empower us to be proactive in preventing gun violence while containing robust due process protections to ensure a person’s access to guns is limited only when a court finds there is clear and convincing evidence these individuals present a risk to themselves or others.”

‘Preventing gun violence.’  ‘Robust due process.’ ‘A risk to themselves and others.’  Pal, how much did Bloomberg donate to your campaign in exchange for you repeating his talking points?

Senator Dickerson’s bill failed, but it already cut the legs out from under any opposition to the Democrats’ Red Flag bill this session.

Compromising Republicans Are Killing Our Gun Rights

We sound like a broken country record, Tennesse, but gun owners need to get really serious really fast about stopping these ‘Red Flag Republicans’ and Democrats alike before they steamroll right over your gun rights.

Call, email, become a darn nuisance in their voicemail and email and social media inboxes.  And anybody with half a spine needs to vote cowards like Dickerson out of town the first chance they get!