Tazewell County, VA Formed a Militia. What Does That Look Like? Can We Have One, Too?

We reported several weeks ago that on December 3rd, Tazewell County, VA voted their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

But we also told you how they did something unique:  they simultaneously ordered themselves a militia.

Since then, media outlets and even officials from other counties have been knocking at their door.   The media is looking for a story.  The other counties are curious if they could follow suit and are asking what this militia looks like.  As the questions have poured in, county officials have replied with a standard answer:

On Dec. 3rd, 2019, our Board of Supervisors chose to exercise some of its rights under the Virginia Constitution to order or regulate militia.  By insuring that our residents have the opportunity (1) to possess certain types of firearms, (2) to educate themselves on their use, (3) to learn common military practices, and (4) to learn basic survival skills, we hope to preserve a group of residents who could form a militia, were such a body needed.  Without these most basic elements our County would not have a group of persons from whom a militia could be drawn.  At the moment, however, the Board has not called any such militia to arms and prays that such moment never occurs.

In plain English, they’re saying, “We don’t want to call the citizens to arms against the Governor, but we can and we will if pushed.  Also, we are keeping our “assault weapons.”

If Push Comes to Shove…

You see, if each member of the public is a member of the militia—and they have been so ordered by the county’s declaration in December—then as members of the rightly called militia, they have rights.

Those rights include the right to own certain types of firearms.  Namely, the right to own semi-automatic and “assault rifles.”   So whatever laws might come out of Richmond banning assault weapons, they wouldn’t apply to militia members—aka, everybody not already prohibited from owning a gun—in Tazewell County.

And they’re not blowing smoke about the threat to their guns.  SB16 is a Senate Bill that was already filed and would do just that: ban ownership of all semi-automatic rifles.   Even ones you already own legally and purchased legally and have owned for years without any crime committed.

Let’s Get On Board That Train

Needless to say, other counties like this idea.

Local news media reported that a large crowd gathered outside the courthouse in Wythe County, asking their Board of Supervisors to pass a militia ordinance there, too.   The Tazewell County declaration was being passed around the crowd.   In Buchanan County, the Supervisors are waiting for the installation of new board members to vote on sending a letter to Gov. Northam demanding his resignation.  They also plan to vote on a militia resolution at the same time.

Some People are Slow on the Uptake

Northam, you don’t play chicken with boys from Virginia.   This is a lesson you should’ve learned that in the schoolyard growing up.  You didn’t, so it looks like you’re going to have to learn it now.