Georgia Republican Representative Introduces Anti-Red Flag Bill

Atlanta, Georgia — Republican State Representative Ken Pullin (Zebulon) has just introduced legislation (HB 751) that would exempt Georgia from any enforcement of federal “red flag legislation.”

Rep. Pullin said this:

“Under my bill, if the U.S. Congress passes ‘red flag’ legislation or if an executive order is issued by president where the sole intent was to confiscate guns, then Georgia would be exempt from enforcing that legislation.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports the penalties for enforcement of federal “Red Flags” in Georgia:

“According to the legislation, House Bill 751, anyone — including a law enforcement officer — who tried to enforce a ‘red flag’ law from another state or the federal government could be charged with a felony and serve up to three years in jail and face a fine of up to $5,000.”

Last year, radical anti-gun Atlanta Democrat Matthew Wilson introduced House Bill 435, a state-level “Red Flag Confiscation” bill that’s as bad as anything we’ve seen across the country.

Gun owners across Georgia are watching closely as anti-gun radicals ram through “Red Flag” bills from New York to Virginia and even in Florida.  In many cases, Republicans support these attacks on Second Amendment rights.

With the Georgia General Assembly starting it’s third day today (January 15), we expect to see a flurry of both anti-gun and pro-gun pieces of legislation be discussed.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp promised on the campaign trail to pass “Constitutional Carry” (16 states have it), yet after one year in office, has not kept his campaign promise and refuses to talk about the issue.

On Monday, Senate Bill 150 (The Georgia Lautenberg Gun Ban) was “recommitted” in the State Senate by anti-gun Democrat Jen Jordan.

After seven state Senators voted for her bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2019, the members of Georgia Gun Owners stopped the legislation dead in its tracks.

But it’s very likely to come back — and the political war will commence — in the coming weeks.