Polk County, Georgia Sheriff: “We Will Be A Sanctuary County”

Cedartown, Georgia — Fresh off the big second amendment rally in Floyd County over the weekend, one county over, Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats has proclaimed that Polk County will be a “sanctuary county” if he has anything to do with it.

Last night, he took to Facebook and posted this:

“I have received a lot of questions regarding my stance on the 2nd amendment issue we are facing today. I can assure you that I fully support the 2nd amendment, as well as, the men and women that work for me. As a constitutional officer, I took an oath to protect the constitution. I will do just that. I can promise you that as long as I’m your Sheriff, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office will never take guns away from law abiding citizens. I encourage all of you to contact your legislators and tell them you are against any new legislation that attempts to infringe on our rights. We will be a sanctuary county regardless!”

On Monday, February 3, 2020 at 5:00pm Sheriff Johnny Moats will be speaking on the behalf of the “Polk County GA 2A Sanctuary” group at the Polk County Commissioners Meeting.

73 Clines Ingram Jackson Road, Cedartown, Georgia 30125

Gun owners are invited to come and show their support for making Polk County a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Last week, Second Amendment Daily profiled Floyd County Sheriff TIm Burkhalter, who still to this day has not said these words: “I support a Second Amendment Sanctuary for Floyd County.”

Sheriffs would be advised to get ahead of this movement and proclaim in no ambiguous words that they are for Second Amendment sanctuary in their county.