Northam Limits Size of Crowd Allowed at Lobby Day Tomorrow

Richmond, VA–The Washington Post is reporting that Northam has a predetermined number of people that he will allow to gather at the Capital lawn tomorrow before shutting the area down.  No word was given on what that number is.  Could be a thousand.  Could be twenty thousand!

This is just one more layer of control that Northam and his Bloomberg crew are exerting over the people’s Lobby Day on Monday.

The rundown so far looks like this:

All nonessential staff are being told to stay home.  Aides and pages were given the day off.  The City of Richmond has advised local businesses who don’t want to deal with the crowds to close for the day.

Additionally, the loudmouthed Coalition to Stop Gun Violence decided that if they can’t be the biggest crowd in town, they’re not going to come out and play.  Of course, they said it was because there were credible threats against them from ‘gun extremists’, but no proof was given of any threats.  In reality, if they’re not the loudest kids on the block, they don’t show up.  Typical  bullies.

Make It Difficult For Those Coming To Lobby

By now, everybody has seen the eight-foot tall chain-link fence that is partitioning the crowd.  Rumor has it that about 10,000 people can fit inside that fence.  VCDL has called for that many volunteers who are willing to be unarmed at the event and go through the metal detectors to stand in that area.

Normally, the Capital Square is exactly what it sounds like: a square with access on every side.  But Northam doesn’t like that idea, so he’s closed off all access routes except one location at 9th St. and East Grace St.

Once the folks willing to be disarmed come into that entrance, they will be divided into 17 lines for screening with metal detectors.  The list of forbidden items includes guns, but also any knife with a blade longer than 3  inches.  It includes helmets, shields and any number of other things.  The complete list hasn’t been released, but the prevailing opinion in Richmond is that there’s no point in trying to bring in anything you could use to hurt somebody.  (No word yet on whether they’ll put all 10,000 of those folks in straitjackets or handcuffs to keep them from fist-fighting.)

Of course, we’re kidding on that last dig, but it’s laughable–or outrageous– to see Northam’s treatment of Virginia’s citizens.  He and his government have threatened to call out the military on peaceful citizens in their homes.  When Virginians didn’t like that and decided they wanted to be heard, the Left used the media to their advantage.  They’ve scrambled to paint themselves as the scared little victims of ‘threatening gun rights extremists.’

It’s not working, Pal.

Unconfirmed But Not Surprising Information

Some details are not confirmed, but we’ll relay them below because for people that are heading into Richmond tomorrow, this might be helpful information to have.

We’ve seen images forbidding parking on any city streets–requiring buses for citizens to get to the downtown area.  Plan ahead.  Bringing food and water would be a good idea, because getting in and out of the area will be a nightmare.

We’ve heard that no portable toilets have been spotted as of Saturday–another way to limit the crowd size or to paint the crowd as disorderly if nature calls and there’s nowhere to go.  We’ll see if there are any there on Monday.

We’ve also heard that there may be plans for a cell phone jamming device.  This would limit any live streaming of the event, of course. Again, this could be nothing but a rumor, but we wouldn’t put anything past Northam and Co.

We’ll see how things play out, tomorrow, and we’ll certainly keep you posted.