New York Bill Requires Mental Health Checks Before Every Firearms Purchase!

Albany, NY–At some point, you’d think the left would realize that their gun control isn’t working.  But that assumes that their goal is a happy, peaceful society.

Their real goal is to accumulate power in their hands and to crush their opponents into the dirt.  Nothing makes that more obvious than a bill filed last week in Albany.  Senator James Sanders, Jr. filed Senate Bill 7065, which requires a government mental health check before anybody could purchase, transfer or exchange a firearm in New York State.

Want to buy a new rifle for deer hunting?  Mental health check.  Want to buy a shotgun for your wife to keep in the house while you’re at work?  Mental health check. Want to transfer your Grandpa’s shotgun to your adult son?  Mental health check!

If you tried to just ignore it, you’d be looking at a felony conviction and up to 7 years in prison!

Who Watches the Watchers?

Let’s be real: the people performing mental health screenings have a vested interest in finding people to be mentally unwell.  According to the National Institute of Mental Illness, they already think that one in five adults has a mental illness!  That’s 20% of gun owners disqualified out of the gate!

Just imagine all the ways this outrageous abuse of power could be twisted to their advantage.

The idea that the government can weaponize mental health staffers against their political enemies is the very definition of tyranny.

And this isn’t just fear mongering.  This has been done before!  Chairman Mao used this same tactic to imprison, torture and murder millions of Chinese citizens.   Soviet Russia did the same!

Now, in a shameless move reminiscent of the Soviet Union and Mao’s communist China, Sanders and Cuomo would subject American citizens to this tyrannical power grab.

Some gun owners might hope that this bill is only a token gesture and that Sanders and his pals don’t expect it to pass.

But the New York State Firearms Coalition has been sounding the alarm about this bill.  They’ve pointed out that this bill has Sanders sponsoring it in the Senate, and now has picked up a sponsor in the House as well. It’s clearly designed to pass!

Felons Walk Free But You Have To See A Shrink

You know why it’s obvious that this isn’t about safety or crime?

Because while these same extreme leftist politicians are crying about gun violence, they’re voting to release hundreds of violent felons!

As of January 1st, a bill that Governor Cuomo and his radical left friends passed now allows violent felons to walk free until their trail–without even posting a bond.  Arsonists, burglars, those who assault a child, manslaughter suspects, drug dealers–even those who sell to children, sex perverts who make and distribute child porn, and hundreds more….all go free under Cuomo’s new bail reform law!

Radical Ideas Pushed by Corrupt Leftists

This sort of posturing by Senator James Sanders is especially rich.  Mr. Law-and-Order wants to require mental health evaluations for gun owners but New York voters remember that in 2016, he was personally investigated by the FBI for corruption.  Apparently he was offering to approve funding to certain projects in exchange for huge financial kickbacks.   The investigation ranged to wire fraud, and more–all the way back to his campaigning for City Council.

Getting a reputation for being one of the most corrupt politicians in New York requires being willing to crawl on their belly in the mud.  I mean, this isn’t your average group of power-hungry scum.  This is the top of the stink heap.

It’s clear that there is no tyranny or outrage that Sanders and Cuomo won’t force on the innocent people of New York.

And this sort of radical left thinking is spreading like a cancer all over the country.  Bloomberg and Soros hold fancy dinners with people like Senator Sanders and Governor Cuomo every night of the week!  They pat each other on the back while they write big checks to politicians who will pass laws that tear America apart at the seams.

That’s why it’s time to take off the ‘pro-gun’ politicians’ kid gloves like this is some social fencing tournament.  It’s time to go nine rounds.  This is a gutter brawl, and it’s time to go the distance with these thugs.

Take thirty seconds to send an email directly to YOUR New York legislators telling them NO MENTAL HEALTH CHECKS!