New Hampshire House Passes Red Flag Bill, Senate Expected to Follow Suit; Only a Governor’s Veto Left

Concord, NH—On Wednesday, January 8th, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a “red flag’ bill.   The House vote was 201 in favor, 176 against.  Not exactly a crushing victory for the anti-gun crowd, but a victory, none the less.

From here the bill will go to the Senate where it is expected to pass, as well.  Both the House and Senate are controlled by the Democrats.  Meanwhile, New Hampshire’s governor, Republican Chris Sununu could veto the bill if it makes it to his desk.

But Sununu’s office didn’t want to openly oppose the Red Flag bill, but instead pointed out that it might not make it to his desk at all.

Spokesman for the Governor Benjamin Vihstadt said, “After voting it out of committee with no recommendation and retaining it last year, it is clear the Legislature cannot even come to a consensus on this bill — even 22 Democrats voted against it today.  Governor Sununu has long said New Hampshire’s Second Amendment laws are where they need to be and he’s not looking to make any changes.”

Who Are They Trying to Fool?

While the Democrats went on an on about how many lives were lost to ‘gun violence,’ they didn’t want to talk too much about what kind of “gun violence” New Hampshire experiences.

You see, the entire state averages 123 gun deaths a year. And of those, 110 are suicides.  That’s right.  The anti-gun crowd want to pass Red Flag gun laws–where any relative or police officer could have your guns taken away with only a phone call–because 90% of their gun deaths are suicides.

They have no intention of banning bridges, cars, chemicals, knives, OTC drugs, or any of the other ways people could commit suicide.  They just want to infringe on the rights of tens of thousands of gun owners in hopes of stopping roughly 15 deaths a year.

We’re Not All Falling For The Crocodile Tears

Several Republicans spoke out against this ludicrous proposal.

Rep. Kimberly Rice, R-Hudson, drove home the point that this bill would take away a citizen’s due process over nothing more than an accusation.   And further, a judge could issue a temporary order by telephone!  This leaves the accused without the right to defend themselves at all!

Another Representative, John Burt of Goffstown, called it what it is.  He pointed out that the bill doesn’t provide any mental health assistance at all, even though 90% of those deaths they’re trying to prevent with it are suicides.   Burt said, “This is not going to help anybody; it is strictly for gun confiscation.”

There is room for optimism, though.  During the 2019 session, Republican governor Sununu vetoed four different gun control bills.  Here’s hoping he hasn’t lost his nerve because it looks like gun owners are going to need it.

Last Line of Defense Is Better Than No Line

Virginia’s governor Ralph Northam has decided to ignore Virginia’s state motto, Sic Semper Tyrannis.  In Latin, it means “Thus Always To Tyrants.” It’s a reminder to any king or ruler that Virginia will not be ruled or subjugated.   Northam obviously disagrees.  Meanwhile, gun owners are hoping that Gov. Chris Sununu recalls New Hampshire’s fine motto:  Live Free Or Die!