Never Trump John Cowan Hires Anti-Gun Casey Cagle’s Consultants

Rome, Georgia — Never Trump candidate for Congress, John Cowan, has brought on anti-gun Casey Cagle’s campaign consultants, Atlanta swamp monsters, Mitch Hunter and Brian Robinson.

Both Hunter and Robinson orchestrated Mr. Cagle’s shameful defeat in 2018, where he was soundly destroyed by Brian Kemp in the July run-off election.

Mitch Hunter is known for working for the establishment lobbying firm, Comm360, which is headed by Heath Garrett, who’s wife Lee Garrett and her family own the Marietta Daily Journal, which also happens to own the Rome News Tribune.  You can bet they will use the Fake News media in an attempt to promote Mr. Cowan.

Mr. Hunter’s firm, Comm360, was the hired gun to help push the failed transportation tax hike referendum (T-SPLOST) in 2014.

Brian Robinson is well-known for working with former Governor Nathan Deal to kill religious liberty legislation, pro-life legislation, and Constitutional Carry.

He also provided the public communications for Mr. Deal when he passed the largest tax hike in Georgia state history in 2015.

We all remember during the 2018 Governor primary and run-off, Casey Cagle refused to support Constitutional Carry.  He opposed it on video.   You can see that in the video below.

Mr. Robinson was with Mr. Cagle every step of the way, including during his time when he announced his opposition to Constitutional Carry.

In almost a decade of being Lt. Governor, Mr. Cagle never allowed a vote on Constitutional Carry.

In fact, he worked overtime to kill almost every single gun bill that came before him.

Mr. Cowan will now be taking political advice from Casey Cagle advisors, Mr. Hunter and Mr. Robinson.

It’s clear that Mr. Cowan is now firmly in bed with the Atlanta establishment.

His consultant have passed the largest tax hike in Georgia history.

They’ve killed religious liberty legislation.

And they killed Constitutional Carry.