Missouri Bills Would Make It Illegal To Teach Somebody How To Shoot With Your Own Gun!

Jefferson City, MO–Two House Representatives in Missouri have filed bills that would criminalize the transfer of a firearm without a Federal agent preforming a background check, first.

State Representative Ashley Manlove and State Representative Greg Razer filed the two identical bills, HB 1529 and HB 676.

These insane bills are so tyrannical that they didn’t even pretend to put in the ‘common sense’ limitations that most universal background check bills.

For example, these bills would require two hunters to have a licensed firearm dealer present and undergo the background-check process to hand their hunting gun to a buddy while in the field!  So you finally kill the big buck and hand your gun to your friend so you can dress it?

That’s a crime to these two fruitcakes!

Not to mention if you loaned your gun out to a friend to take on a hunting trip.  You’d have to go to a licensed firearms dealer and then run a background check first!

But even if the owner is present and the ‘transfer’ is only momentarily, the tyrannical language of HB 1529 and HB 1676 would still make the gun owner a criminal guilty of a Class B misdemeanor!

How Do We Teach People To Shoot?

So how are you supposed to take your girlfriend or coworker out to the range to get them familiar with a gun before they purchase one?

You aren’t.  That’s the point.

This bill would essentially make it illegal to teach somebody about guns or take them shooting unless the person who is curious is willing to buy their own gun, first.

This bill makes it nearly impossible to show anybody except immediate family how to handle a firearm!

Not to mention that this would go against everything that firearm and hunter’s safety courses have taught about safe gun handling in the field.  Everybody knows that when you’re crossing a stream or fence while hunting, you should hand your gun to a buddy to make the crossing safely.  Nope, you need to have a licensed gun dealer make the transfer, and only after a background check!

Insane.  You can’t make up dumber people than these politicians.  Give us an enemy with some brains and a spine.  It’s embarrassing to have to fight dimwits like these.