WATCH: Minnesota Republican Chairman Calls Crowd of Gun Owners a “Mob”–and NOT in a Good Way!

Hibbing, MN–Talk about an ego maniac, this is one Republican legislator who is completely drunk on the status of his office.

On Tuesday, January 21st, the Republican controlled Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on gun control in Hibbing, MN.

For those who aren’t fresh on their Minnesota geography, the town of Hibbing is in northern Minnesota.  The town has a population of 16,000 and the surrounding area is very rural.  Like so many rural areas, their political landscape is often dominated by what happens in the urban areas.  In Hibbing’s case, in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

In what was claimed to be a gesture of good will to the little guys in the rural areas, the Senate Judiciary Committee decided to hold their meeting there.

Turns out, they didn’t really want to hear anything the ‘little guys’ had to say.  They wanted to stomp all over them, and were surprised to meet resistance.

Especially the Republican Chair of the Judiciary Committee, one Warren Limmer.  This guy thought he’d sail into Hibbing and snowball all the country folks.

In fact, leading up to the event, Limmer was already parroting all the sellout lines to St. Paul media outlets.  As far back as December 19th, Limmer said, “We’ve seen an increase of violent behaviors and interactions over the last year.  Today’s hearing is meant to give us a baseline of knowledge regarding current laws that respond to a rising level of violence I continue to hear about.”

Does that sound like the words of a Second Amendment stalwart?  Yeah, not to us, either.

When discussion began for proposed gun control bills, the crowd grew unhappy.  They listened while radical anti-gun Democrat Senator Ron Latz went through a bill proposal for Red Flag laws.  Latz went on and on how Red Flag laws weren’t a violation of due process at all!  He hit all the major Bloomberg talking points.   Then he talked about pushing for Universal Background Checks.  Then Universal Gun Registries!

Finally fed up with hearing their Republican Senate Judiciary Committee sit quietly while radical Bloomberg Democrats tell them how great gun control is, folks in the crowd spoke up.

See, you can’t piss on somebody from Northern Minnesota and tell them it’s raining.   They’re going to tell you you’re full of it.

Latz was upset.  He’s used to nice people who sit quietly while they’re sold out.  He’s used to Republicans from the city.  He complained to the Senate Committee Members that this was NOT how this is supposed to go.  People were ‘hurling insults’ at him!

That’s when the Republican Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and of the Public Safety Committee, Warren Limmer, jumped down the throats of the pro-Second Amendment crowd.

In a condescending voice, Limmer cooed at the crowd:  “We’ve told you all that gun issues are emotional and you’ve proven me right. (Insert mocking laughter.) And I might agree with you on this topic more than anybody else in the room. But, everybody that’s been elected here represents a good 80,000 people and they have a right to be heard.”

One woman tried to comment, but Warren Limmer shut her down:  “Ma’am, please. I’ve heard enough from you already.”   She replied that she had been respectful.  Warren said that she had NOT been respectful and then APOLOGIZED for the behavior of the gun owners to this Democrat scum!

A man in the crowd called out that the Republican legislators were on their phones at the table!  They weren’t even paying attention.  How was that respectful to the very voters who gave them their Republican Senate majority?

But Warren Limmer was undeterred.  In his slimy, smooth snake-voice he tries to placate the gun owners. “You all want to be heard.  So do others.  We’re trying to talk and get an understanding of what these bills are.  And we can’t do it in the face of a mob!   PLEASE!”   He actually gaveled them into silence!  He repeated, “Please!  Please!” in the most annoying, snooty, librarian voice anybody ever heard.  No offense to librarians.

Check out the video, here:

The crowd was rightfully furious.  The arrogance and condescension of this so-called “pro-gun” Republican is disgusting.

Worse, Limmer even threatens the crowd that he’ll adjourn the meeting without hearing any of the pro-gun bills if the crowd doesn’t be silent.

This comes as no shock from Republican Warren Limmer.  As far back as 2015, he has sold out to the left on gun control.  On April 23rd, 2015, he was the ONLY Republican to vote against Constitutional Carry on the Senate floor, paying his dues to Bloomberg and killing the bill.

It will also not shock readers when they recall that Minnesota has the weakest Republican majority leadership in the country.  And we don’t mean weak in numbers.  We mean weak in SPINE.

For the last four years, Senate Republicans have held hostage Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry law, refusing to even hold a vote on them!

No Stand Your Ground, no Constitutional Carry, no repealing gun free zones, nothing.

Meanwhile, Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka has been outspoken in his refusal to bring pro-gun bills for a vote under his Republican leadership, calling them “extreme Right.”

Who needs Democrats when  we have Republicans like these?  Who needs enemies at the gates when we’re surrounded in our own camp!  It’s time to take out the trash from St. Paul.  Gun owners are done being lied to and condescended to by slimy RINOs in suits.

Grow a pair, or lose your chair.