Gun Owners in Iowa Savage Turncoat State Senator

Des Moines, IA—Dan Dawson is going to regret his decision to turn on gun owners in Iowa.   We know he will, if he doesn’t already.

Back in 2016, Dawson was running against Mike Gronstal—a life long Democrat State Senator and majority leader who blocked every good gun bill that ever came into the Iowa Senate.

After a signed pledge that he would back Constitutional Carry, Dawson got some major help from gun owners.   Iowa Gun Owners–the largest and most powerful gun organization in Iowa–spent nearly $50,000 on radio and TV ads, direct mail, and more helping Dan Dawson.

Thanks to all those efforts, Sen. Dan Dawson did win his election in 2016 in a massive upset vote that sent anti-gun Gronstal out to the curb.

There were victory parties, and Dawson settled in and got cozy in Des Moines.

Too cozy.

But when it came time to deliver on his promise to gun owners, Dan Dawson suddenly couldn’t findg his spine.  Must have lost it somewhere on the way to the Capital?   Maybe there were Bloomberg dollars in his pocket, now?  Who knows?

What we do know is that politicians don’t do what you tell them to unless they’re more afraid of what the you and other voters will do to them than what their powerful friends can do for them.

What to do?   You do what works.  Iowa Gun Owners turned up the heat on old Dan.

Watch their cutthroat ad below:

A lying politician isn’t exactly news, of course.  But it’s great to see a gun rights organization that’s not afraid to strike back—hard!   Aaron Dorr, Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners, made no bones about Dan Dawson in comments to us.   “Politicians like Lying Dan Dawson like to forget who they work for.  But they forgot that Iowa Gun Owners doesn’t play by the rules that most other organizations play by.  We expct politicians to keep their promises, and if they don’t, they’re going to pay a price.  To hell with being nice!”

We’re pretty sure Dawson got the message loud and clear!  And what’s even better?  Anybody else in Iowa who was considering turning on gun owners has just heard the message, too.