Georgia Democrat Senator Introduces Bill to Ban ALL Semi-Automatic Firearms

Kennesaw, Georgia — Georgia Democrat State Senator Donzella James has introduced legislation (SB 281) that would ban ALL semi-automatic firearms in the State of Georgia.

Penalties for violators would be not less than five years in prison, but not more than 10 years, and a $10,000 fine.

While this legislation has yet to be assigned to a Senate committee, it is similar legislation (HB 731) to that introduced by anti-gun radical Socialist Stacey Abrams and Mary Margaret Oliver in 2016.

You can sign a petition against SB 281 by clicking on this link

Democrats in Georgia are eyeing taking control of the Georgia House after the 2020 elections, with promises from gun-grabbing billionaire Michael Bloomberg to spend millions of dollars to help elect anti-gun Dems across the state.

Planned Parenthood, who fights in unison with the anti-gun lobby, has also promised to spend over $10 million in Georgia in 2020 on behalf of Democrats who want to kill babies and ban firearms.

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp made the Second Amendment his number one political issue against in Socialist Stacey Abrams during the 2018 governor election.

He even promised to sign Constitutional Carry into law.  After a year in office, he has done nothing for gun owners.

In fact, both of his Senate “floor leaders,” State Senators Brian Strickland and Blake Tillery, voted for SB 150, legislation that would codify into Georgia law the “Lautenberg Gun Ban” passed in the late 1990s, that is responsible for disarming more Americans than any other piece of legislation in American history.

The Second Amendment organization, Georgia Gun Owners, defeated SB 150, a bill introduced by radical anti-gun State Senator Jen Jordan, but it could come back again in the 2020 session.

After Mr. Kemp’s Republican base public relations fiasco with the appointment of Stacey Abrams ally, Kelly Loeffler, another misstep on Second Amendment issues could be devastating for Governor Kemp.