Congressman: Sheriffs Are Willing to Go to Jail for Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Lewis County, KY — Republican Representative Thomas Massie tweeted on December 30th that he thinks many county sheriffs in the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement would be willing to go to jail before they implemented more leftist gun control.

Massie said in his tweet:

Attended my first 2A sanctuary meeting today in Lewis County (where I live). Standing room only. Friends and neighbors spoke passionately and articulately. County officials unanimously passed a resolution, This grassroots movement feels even stronger than the Tea Party in 2010.”

Massie elaborated in a recent interview with the Washington Examiner.  He pointed out Weld County, Colorado Sheriff Steve Reams who has offered to put himself in jail rather than enforce Colorado’s tyrannical new Red Flag law.

Reams isn’t just blowing smoke, Massie said.   “His county government has already voted to fund his legal fees should he end up in a protracted legal battle that might go all the way” to the Supreme Court.

Hats off to Reams and these other sheriffs for being willing to take such a rock-solid stand for gun owners and their rights!

Massie drew a great conclusion for the average reader: these taxpayers in these counties would rather pay legal fees with their tax dollars than to see their rights eroded one more inch.

Massie summarized:  ‘What does the sanctuary county movement mean?  So, what it could mean is that county governments decide to use taxpayer dollars, with the blessing of the taxpayers in those counties, to support the sheriffs in their court battles.”

This is interposition—the idea that lower magistrates interpose between the citizenry below them and the higher magistrate that is trying to shove bad laws down our throats.

Northam Disagrees

This flies in the face of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s statements that as long as something is the law, it must be enforced.  Several weeks ago, Northam said, “If we have constitutional laws on the books and law enforcement officers are not enforcing those laws on the books, then there are going to be consequences, but I’ll cross that bridge if and when we get to it,” Northam said.

Northam’s statement was bad enough, but then other Democrat legislators went on record saying that Northam could call out the National Guard if he wanted.

Massie realizes that Virginia’s situation is reaching a critical boiling point.  “Somebody is going to jail,” Massie said. “And it’s probably going to be a public official. And God bless the public officials who are willing to do this so their constituents don’t have to.”

We agree with Massie on this.  This problem isn’t going to go away unless Northam and his Bloomberg gang back off.   We know that gun owners sure as heck won’t back down one inch!