Communist China Takes a Shot at American Gun Owners: Says Private Ownership is “Serious Problem”

If we lived in a country that had murdered 50 million people via terrible government programs, we probably wouldn’t tell other countries how to run things for a good couple hundred years.  But not China.

On Monday, just hours after a hero in Texas stopped a mass shooter, China’s state-run media came out with a large opinion piece criticizing America’s ‘gun culture.’

In The Global Times, China mocked the United States.  They said that “shootings are shocking in a US allegedly governed by law”.

Here is the op-ed:

“Private gun ownership is a tradition from the early days at the founding of the US. In a modern society, the problems created by this tradition have already exceeded the benefits. …

American society has already seen serious problems caused by the private ownership of guns, but their massive number has contributed to an enormous inertia. Many interest groups have benefited from it and some ordinary people have truly gained a sense of safety. To change this habit which has lasted hundreds of years, tremendous political courage and a rearrangement of interests is required.

Facts have proved that the US system is unable to handle the intricacies of countless issues around guns including politics, economics, law and order and public psychology. The country can neither manage the safe storage and use of so many guns owned by ordinary people, nor can it establish a new national system that bans or strictly restricts guns. It cannot even form an overwhelming opinion regarding gun issues.”

What’s It To China?

Besides the obvious LOL that their statement earns…why does China care? Do we really care about the gun policies of Wales?  Do we spend time issuing statements about the gun policies of the Congo?  No, we don’t.  So why does China’s government issue this statement?

Because of the protestors in Hong Kong.  The protestors want the power and protection that American citizens have in the Second Amendment.  China is getting a global black eye thanks to our gun laws.  The protestors in Hong Kong know that if they had the Second Amendment and had been armed all this time, they could overthrow their tyrannical government.  They could live as free men.

But as of today, China has imprisoned millions of its own citizens.  They have forced labor camps dotting their country.  Their government keeps tens of thousands of political dissidents in prisons.  As though that’s not barbaric enough, they keep these dissidents alive in prison for one reason.  They harvest their organs and sell them for billions of dollars worldwide.  China is a country where you can still go to prison for decades if you dare to be a Christian, or if you speak against the government.

THIS despotic hellhole of a country is telling America that her citizens are out of control.

Sasse Calls Them Out

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska fired back at China’s Chairman Xi—their ruler who recently gave himself the title of “the people’s leader.”

Sassee wrote:

If Chairman Xi is the “people’s leader,” who are the people? When Chairman Xi talks about “the people,” he doesn’t mean the Uyghurs in torture camps. When Chairman Xi talks about “the people,’ he doesn’t mean the Falun Gong prisoners whose organs are harvested. When Chairman Xi talks about “the people,” he doesn’t mean the baby girls who were left to die under China’s one-child policy. When Chairman Xi talks about “the people,” he means what every communist hack before him has meant: not the people but the communist party.

Americans aren’t stupid.  We can see a barbaric, tyrannical government that want to keep their own people under a cloud of government surveillance and under the thumb of a police state.  When that government attacks or mocks our right to bear arms,  we know why.

They, like all governments, are afraid of an armed population because it would be the end of their power.