California Considering Ban on Gas-Powered Gardening Equipment

Novato, CA — When you’re at rock bottom, stop shoveling.

That’s the message that lawmakers in California haven’t learned.

California legislators have proposed a total ban on gas-powered lawn equipment of any kind.

That’s right! If you own a lawnmower, leaf blower, trimmer or any other yard equipment that takes gasoline, you’ll be out of luck.

While the entire state is considering it, individual cities in California have already passed this sort of insane legislation.

The city of Novato just recently passed such a measure. Mark Bailey, the owner of Buck’s Saw Service, hopes he’ll be able to sell battery-powered alternatives. After all, thanks to this legislation, he’ll be losing the sales of about 500 pieces of gas-powered lawn equipment a year. “It’s going to be tens of thousands of dollars,” said Bailey.

But Novato joins nearly 60 other cities in California who have banned the items.

So a state that is completely bankrupt, riddled with homelessness and crime, unable to pay their own bills, whose leftist environmental policies have seen tens of thousands of acres burned to ashes, does this.

These people are insane. Just build a wall around California and give it to Mexico or anybody else who will take it. They can have the entire loony bin!