Bloomberg’s Everytown is Going To Spend $60 Million Dollars On Elections This Year

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ray Tang/LNP/REX/Shutterstock (10028851i) Michael Bloomberg UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies launch Ice Watch display blocks of melting glacier ice across two public sites in the centre of London to create a major artwork. ‘Ice Watch’ installation launch, London, UK – 11 Dec 2018

Must be handy to be a billionaire running for President who also “happens” to be the largest donor of the nation’s largest anti-gun organizations.

It’s almost like….you own them.

But that’s neither here nor there.  Bloomberg-front Everytown for Gun Safety announced on Monday that ‘they’ would be spending $60 million dollars on the upcoming 2020 election.

That is to say, Bloomberg is going to funnel $60 million dollars into his non-profit PAC to help defeat pro-gun candidates and flip as many states blue as possible.  After all, pouring money into turning Virginia blue worked out perfectly!

Of course, Everytown says that they’re going to treat all the anti-gun candidates the same when it comes to helping out financially in their races.  Yeah, sure.

Meanwhile, Everytown has said it has a triple focus:  defeating President Trump, flipping the Senate blue, and defending the House majority.

Where There’s a Will–And A Huge Check–There’s A Way

This obviously involves a great deal of money spent on the state level.  That means that they’ll be bringing pressure to bear on moderates and anybody who is fearful of losing their spot.  Those are the vulnerable legislators who are going to be more likely to compromise to hopefully get a few anti-gun votes.

In their announcement, Everytown specifically said they would be targeting races in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

Get Personally Involved–And Why It Matters

If you live in any of those states, you should realize a couple of things.

First, if you have a good guy, a rock-solid champion for your gun rights, you should know that he or she is facing immense pressure to fold.  To cave.  To just look the other way.  Call them and thank them.  Ask them what you can do to help.

Secondly, if you just have a ‘gun friendly’ politician who hasn’t really done much for your gun rights except talk about them…you need to bring the heat.  They need to know that you’re watching them closely.  Tell them that a compromise will not add Democrat votes but will cost them yours and every other gun owner’s.  Call their office, email them, facebook, all of it.  Too often ‘gun friendly’ guys get elected and then gun owners forget about them because he’s ‘their guy.’

But behind the scenes, Bloomberg and those who share his ideology are always working.  They’re trying to get ‘your guy’ to compromise–or to crush them if they won’t.   We need to work just as hard on the back side doing the exact same things for our guys.