Armed Citizen Draws His Gun After Stranger Attempted to Assault Him for Wearing MAGA Hat

Wilkes-Barre, PA—Police are looking for a stranger from a Wilkes-Barre shopping mall who was so ‘triggered’ by seeing a MAGA hat that he decided to physically confront the Trump supporter who was wearing it.

Police reported that on Tuesday, January 7th, a man was walking through the Wyoming Valley Mall in the tiny Pennsylvania town.   They reported that a stranger walked up to the man, who was minding his own business.

The stranger demanded that the Trump supporter remove his hat.  Of course, like any sane American, the man refused.

But now, the stranger was completely triggered and threatened to assault and beat the man.  Sheriff Will Clark recounted what happened.  “The individual was wearing a hat in support of Donald Trump.  Apparently the [other] man told him to take the hat off.  He refused.”

That’s when the stranger took a swipe at the man’s head to knock his hat off.

Threatened with a beating and now hit on the head, the MAGA hat wearer stepped back.  He pulled out his handgun and told the man to back off.

Sheriff Clark agreed, “At that point, the victim backed up and drew his weapon and pointed it at the ground. The guy took off.”

Of course, the lunatic leftist wanted to be violent and aggressive, but never dreamed that somebody would dare to meet his aggression with force.

Violence Is Okay If You’re MAGA Triggered!

Meanwhile, after the man ran off, the other mall patrons panicked and fled.  In the first few moments after the incident, there were initial reports in the mall of a mass shooter.  Police were quick to put those rumors to rest.

Sheriff Clark said that the Trump supporter will not face any criminal charges and referred to him as the victim.  They are still searching for the stranger who tried to assault the man.

Sheriff Clark did say that the mall owners had a policy forbidding firearms inside their mall.  “They do not want concealed weapons or open carry for this reason,” Clark said.  But unless the man had been asked to leave and refused, he wasn’t breaking any law, according to the sheriff and thus he won’t face any charges.

Being Triggered = Assault to Leftists

This sort of insanity, if the tables were turned, would be national headline news.  Imagine if a Trump supporter walked up to a total stranger in a mall wearing a Biden shirt (is there such a thing?) and behaved this way?

It’d be on CNN within the hour! But when leftists lose their cool—as they so often do—that’s just normal behavior and everybody moves on.  Keep your cool when you’re around leftists.  You can almost bet money they won’t.