Woman Charged After Shooting Teenager Who Robbed Her at Gunpoint

Chicago, IL — When you live in place with crazy gun control, sometimes you get charged even though you were only defending yourself.

That’s what happened to 21-year-old Aracelia Diaz after she met up with a 14-year-old girl to sell her a dog.

They planned the meeting for Friday night, Nov 29, 2019.

When Diaz showed up at the agreed location in the Little Village neighborhood around 5:45pm, she was met by the young girl.  But instead of handing over money for the dog, the girl pulled out a pellet gun that looked like a handgun.

“We’re not sure where they met initially or how they communicated, but all we do know is that the 14-year-old did show up with other intentions and she pulled out a BB gun,” Chicago Police Officer Jose Jara.

The young girl used the gun to pistol whip Diaz on the head and tried to take the dog without paying for it.

Diaz couldn’t tell that the gun was only a pellet gun and at this point, was afraid for her life.

She pulled out a handgun from her purse and shot the 14-year-old in the chest.

The police were called, and an hour later, arrested the 21-year-old Diaz.

While she had a valid FOID card—Illinois’ draconian permission slip to even purchase a gun—she did not have a valid concealed carry permit.

Twice A Victim

Chicago police have charged Diaz with unlawful use of a weapon.

Meanwhile, the 14-year-old girl was taken to a hospital where she was treated.  Police arrested her on Saturday morning and charged her with attempted armed robbery.  She will appear in court on December 9th.  Diaz, meanwhile, will be in court on Sunday, December 8th.

The Chicago police officer that gave an interview about the arrest seemed to think Diaz was justified in her use of the gun.

Officer Jara said, “A BB gun can appear like a real gun and to anyone out there it’s gonna appear like a real gun, to the police, and to any individual….”

Of course, he gave verbal support to the regulations that have now put Diaz in prison when he continued on to say, “….and if someone’s carrying and they have their own CCL they may use their own gun to defend themselves.”

This is where Constitutional Carry comes in.

Diaz has no legal reason not to be allowed to carry—or else she couldn’t have gotten her FOID.

But instead of being home with her family and caring for her dog, gun control laws have her behind bars.

Now she’s been a victim of an armed robber AND of Illinois’s terrible gun control laws.