WATCH: Two Armed Robbers Storm Virginia Restaurant, Shoot and Kill Door Dash Driver Before Escaping

Manassas, VA — Police say that one man is dead and another is seriously injured after a restaurant robbery that took place in the early morning hours on Thursday, December 26.

Two masked men with guns drawn strode into the restaurant and demanded money and goods from the staff and patrons.

Watch the shocking video here:

Police said that Door Dash driver Yusuf Ozgur, 56, of Manassas, was in the restaurant to pickup his next order for delivery.

One of the two men shot him without provocation.   Police have reported that he died at a hospital from his injuries.

A second man was shot and is currently hospitalized with serious injuries.  The man, who police have only identified as a 34-year-old from Rixeyville in Culpeper County, is expected to survive.

As of right now, the two men are still on the loose.  Police Chief Barry Barnard has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to their capture and arrest.  Police also released photos and video showing the men entering the restaurant wearing masks and pointing a gun.

Meanwhile, DoorDash issued a statement:

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Yusuf Ozgur, a Manassas-area Dasher.  Our thoughts are with his family, friends and loved ones, and we are reaching out to his family to offer our full support during this difficult time.”

Gun Control Fails Again!

These events come at a tense time for Virginia, where the issue of gun control is already a powder keg ready to blow.  Newly-elected Democrats want to pretend that if there had been one more law forbidding those two thugs from owning guns, none of this would have happened.

Meanwhile, laws forbidding murder and robbery didn’t do a thing to slow them down.

Gun owners know that the only way to be safe is to carry a gun for their own protection.   Virginia gun owners, this story is a perfect example to point to of gun control and more restrictions not working!  What works is a gun in the hand of a good guy.