Virginia Governor: Register Your AR-15 or Hand It Over to Government

Richmond, VA — Seems like Northam isn’t getting the message that Virginia gun owners are sending him.

While 42 counties — representing tens of thousands of gun owners–are telling him that his gun control isn’t going to fly, he’s decided to double the stakes.

Northam’s Spokeswoman, Alena Yarmoskyt, went into details on Monday, December 9th about the Assault Weapons Ban recently filed in Virginia.

Northam had been pushing a ban like this since earlier this year when his special session on gun control failed before it began.

After their win in November, nobody was surprised to see the bill filed immediately.

Still, many were wondering what the bill would do about guns already in circulation.  And as outrage grew louder from gun owners, it was assumed that Northam would throw them a bone.

For example, many other proposed assault weapons bans from other levels or other states would allow for those who already own an assault weapon to be exempt from the ban.

A ban like that would only affect new purchases going forward.

But that’s not going to happen.

Spokeswoman Yarmoskty explained:

“In this case, the governor’s assault weapons ban will include a grandfather clause for individuals who already own assault weapons, with the requirement they register their weapons before the end of a designated grace period.”

So Northam’s “grandfather clause” isn’t really a grandfather clause at all, but a temporary grace period.

Register your gun or be in violate of the law.

If you happen to already own one, you have longer to register it than other people, but you still must register it or you’ll be in violation of the law.

How Do You See This Ending?

Once again, Norhtam’s tone deaf response will backfire.

It was bad enough to think that he could convince gun owners to go along with an assault weapons ban as long as they got to keep theirs.

I mean, in what world could a gun owner look their grandson in the eye and say, “Hey, sorry I sold your gun rights so I could keep mine?”

That was bad enough.

But this hard line in the sand doesn’t leave gun owners any room to compromise.

For Northam and Bloomberg’s newly elected Democrat pawns, this is an all-in game.

And that’s the best thing for this fight:  clear lines in the sand, with all the cards on the table.

Well, gun owners are ready to play.  Deal us in.