Virginia Governor Increases Budget in Expectation of Jailing Gun Owners

Richmond, VA — Governor Northam doesn’t mind getting a black eye.  (Or an entire blackface, though he hopes people are forgetting about that scandal in light of his recent publicity.)  But he’s going to get more than a black eye for this one.

Pay for your own jail cell?

Northam’s latest move in his two-step with gun owners is a move to force Virginia taxpayers to foot the bill for his political agenda.   Northam’s budget bill, HB30, includes an appropriation for $250,000 in tax dollars to enact his new gun control.

Funny how Bloomberg could pour money into the  state to swing the election, but when it’s time to do his dirty work, the hard-working taxpayers of Virginia are on the hook.

What is this money going to pay for?

According to the bill it is going to cover, “…an increase in the operating cost of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment.”

That’s right!  Northam and his Bloomberg bought-and-paid-for gang are going to be putting gun owners in prison and need some cash to cover the extra overtime.

In addition to the extra cost of imprisoning citizens for violating their radical new gun laws, some of the money will go to help enact the laws, themselves.  That is, the taxpayers are going pay to enact laws banning semi-auto guns, the private sale of any guns between citizens, and the rollout of Red Flag laws.

There’s out to lunch…then there’s Northam and Co.

Northam really does seem to think that he’s a god walking on earth and that gun owners will just follow his tyrannical decrees or get locked up.

He’s got another think coming.  The entire country is watching Virginia.  The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in Virginia has 87 out of 95 counties in their number.

The people have spoken, Northam, and they’re not buying this crap you’re selling.  And they sure as hell aren’t going to pay for their own imprisonment costs.