Shocking Video Footage: Watch the Texas Church Shooter Go Down

White Settlement, TX — With liberal news media outlets and Left Coast social media companies trying to hide this news as fast as possible, we wanted to make sure you saw this!

Earlier today, in Texas, a mass shooting was averted in less than 3 seconds thanks to the quick action of an armed gun owner with a concealed handgun.

Check out the incredible video below!

3 seconds, from start to finish! What would have likely been a mass tragedy situation was stopped in just three seconds!

Because everything is bigger in Texas, notice how immediately after the shooting, five other armed men rushed up with their pistols out and up, just in case a threat remained. Later reports said that a total of SEVEN people drew guns on the lunatic.

With state legislatures coming back in a session across the country in just days, gun owners need to redouble their efforts and fight as hard as they can to expand their god-given right to defend themselves!