New Jersey Bill Would Require Gun Owners to Carry $50K in Insurance

Ocean City, NY—Watching New Jersey and Virginia lawmakers right now is like watching a car drive off a cliff.  You don’t want to see it, but you can’t help but watch.

Virginia lawmaker Patricia Egan Jones introduces bill A-6003 in November.  This bill would mandate terrible new requirements for gun owners in New Jersey.

For starters, it would require that every single gun owner in New Jersey carry an insurance policy worth $50,000.  Failure to obtain that insurance would lead to a $1000 fine.  The second offense can cost you $5,000 and see your right to carry or purchase guns revoked for a five-year span!

Heck, if you even carry your gun without also carrying your proof of insurance, police can seize and confiscate your guns!

Does Anybody Even Think This Is A Problem?

The bill faces some opposition as Republicans slowly wake up to the fact that compromise has left them fighting for scraps with the Democrats.   One Republican has been vocal in opposition to the bill.

Antwan McClellan (R-1) said of the terrible bill: “Once again law-abiding citizens’ rights are being infringed. This is just another way to bully the people of New Jersey into giving in or giving up their guns. I was elected to do what’s right and standing up for the rights of gun owners is paramount. I will continue to stand up for the constitutional rights of Americans.”

Ironically, several Democrats in New Jersey don’t want ‘gun owners’ insurance’ to even be an option.  They see it as ‘enabling’ gun owners to continue to carry guns.  Just a couple of months ago, New Jersey Governor Murphy signed an executive order making it all but impossible to get ‘gun owners’ insurance’ in the state.

See, those Democrats are being upfront about things.  They’re at least honest that they don’t want any guns in the citizens hands for any reason.  Constitution be damned, rights be damned.  They’re in control, and they’ll have all the firepower and aren’t going to even pretend to hide it.

Darned if you do, darned if you don’t…

But you see the position gun owners are in?

Face an incredibly hostile, tyrannical governor and legislature who would take away all gun rights, period.  Or face extremely burdensome financial penalties for owning a gun at all.

Either way, gun owners are getting stomped on by the radical left!

Gun owners in New Jersey, it’s time to stand up and fight back, or more to friendlier territory.  You’re taking your life or your financial future in your hands to stay in an anti-gun state like New Jersey.   Repeal those laws and send those corrupt legislators to the curb or start packing boxes.