Nevada Sheriff: I Will Enforce New Gun Control Law. Voters: We’ll Recall You Before You Get the Chance!

Winnemucca, NV–  As the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement picks up steam faster than gun owners had hoped, one Nevada Sheriff doesn’t want to come out and play with us.

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen has stated that while he may not like new gun control laws, he would enforce them.  His argument is that if they’re law, it’s his job to implement them.

Voters in his county, however, have the final say and they’ve mounted a recall vote to replace him.  They claim that the Sheriff is supposed to protect them, both from threats from criminals and from threats to their Constitutional rights.  Red Flag laws, in particular, would violate their 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, and 14th amendment rights.

Now, Sheriff Allen says that he does oppose red flag laws, but says he’ll enforce them anyway.

It’s worth noting that Allen is in the minority in Nevada.  There are 17 counties in the state, and 13 county sheriffs have already said they will not enforce them,  In fact, in the northern part of Nevada, Allen is the ONLY sheriff who says he’ll enforce these new laws.

Allen isn’t happy about being recalled.  He says of the committee of voters behind the recall, ““They’re taking up a fight against me on something the Legislature has to do, and they think I have the authority not to follow the law,” Allen said. “I do oppose this law. However, it’s my not my job to oppose a law; my job is to enforce the law.”

Hmmm…somehow hundreds of sheriffs interpret their job differently, Mr. Allen.

In fact, Humboldt County’s own website defines the Sheriff’s job as this:

“The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the citizens living and visiting Humboldt County by earning and maintaining their trust and confidence with professional law enforcement services. While carrying out daily duties and responsibilities, the Sheriff’s Office will ensure that the people’s constitutional rights are upheld.

So there’s that.  Turns out that Sheriff Allen’s jurisprudence skills aren’t quite what they could be.

Meanwhile, the recall committee is busy filing signatures with the state, which then need to be verified. Once enough signatures are turned in and verified, a new election will be scheduled within 40 to 50 days.

There is NO line in the sand for some people…

We’ve never understood people like this.  We’re all about law and order. There’s not an anarchist in the group of us. But just think about what people like this sheriff are saying!  Essentially, there is NO law so horrific that they wouldn’t enforce it.

New law says to kill all nine-year old boys?  He’ll do it!  New law says it’s illegal to own a car?  Mr. Mike is your man to enforce it!  A new law says the government now owns all private property?   Hand over the keys or Mr. Mike is going to knock on the door?

We wish the folks behind this man’s recall campaign a quick success.  Hopefully they can get him replaced as soon as possible!  He is either a coward who refuses to stand up for them.  Or he’s a tyrant who likes the power he has over people.

Either way, he needs to be shown the door.