Missouri Representative Files Bill to Repeal Gun Free Zones

Jefferson City, MO — Senator Eric Burlison and House Representative Jered Taylor are knocking it out of the park this year.

Taylor recently filed H.B. 1638, a bill to repeal Gun Free Zones in the state of Missouri.

Eric Burlison, a long-time champion of gun rights in Missouri, has filed a companion bill in the Senate.

Gun owners know that these “gun free zones” have been targeted to be some of the deadliest shootings in American history.

As mass shooters are picking their targets, they logically choose a place where they know they are least likely to face armed resistance:  gun free zones.  In fact, Crime Prevention Research Center data states that 96.2 percent of mass public shooting attacks happened in gun free zones between 1998 and 2015.

That’s a staggering number.

This bill, H.B. 1638 would repeal the ban on carrying a gun in church, in a daycare, while voting, while on mass transit systems, and much more.

That is, when you’re gathering with your family to worship, when you’re on your way to work via public transportation, or getting your most prized possessions from daycare, you can be armed and ready to defend your family.

This is great news for gun owners!  Instead of being on the defense and losing our rights inch by inch, this bill restores your right to defend yourself in more and more places.

Not New to the Fight

Burlison and Taylor have sponsored similar bills in the past.  This time, though, gun owners are awake, and their legislators know it.  This session, Missouri gun owners have had the discomfort of watching the events unfold in Virginia.  They see what trusting average Republicans with your gun rights has done:  you lose your gun rights and then control of your entire state to Democrats.

Gun owners, these two champions deserve our support.  These bills are solid and Burlison and Taylor have a rock-solid track record of standing for gun owners.