Jersey City: Two Killers Were Members of Black Hebrew Israelite Movement

Jersey City, NJ — Two shooters have been identified after a killing spree at a Kosher grocery store in Jersey City on Tuesday, December 10th.

The two killers left three people dead inside the grocery store, and a veteran detective murdered in the mayhem outside the building afterwards.

The suspects have been named as one David Anderson and his girlfriend, Francine Graham.

Reports have surfaced that both suspects had prior links to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement.  This ideology teaches that black people are the true descendants of Israel.  Further, they believe that modern day Jews are imposters.

Now, we’re the last people to give the Southern Poverty Law Center much credence, since they’d be the first person to throw a white gun owner under the bus as a racist simply for owning a gun. But it’s worth noting that the SPLC classifies the Black Hebrew Israelites.  They even call them “black supremacists.”  They go on to say that those who adhere to Black Hebrew Israelite ideas “…believe that Jews are devilish impostors and … openly condemn whites as evil personified, deserving only death or slavery.”

Footage of the shooting shows Anderson and Graham seem to make that clear.  The two calmly get out of their van, pull out their guns and begin shooting into the deli.  They ignored other pedestrians on the street, but instead chose victims specifically from inside the deli.   It’s clear from the footage—and to police—that this was a targeted attack.   It wasn’t random, and they weren’t just in an argument with police, as initial reports suggested.

Further, reports from police say there was a pipe bomb in the van, as well as a scrawled religious message that essentially said, “I do this because my creator makes me do this, and I hate who He hates.”

Does This Story Help Us Disarm People?  No?  Dump it.

It’s interesting that when a story fits the desired narrative, it’s all over the news. But the reverse is not true.

If this story was reversed and involved a white supremacist who targeted people of another race, the news would be screaming about systemic racism and how terrible white gun owners are.

But when the table is flipped, the story quickly goes down the memory hole.  Our power hungry politicians want to disarm the ‘bread and butter’ working class Americans who built this country.  You’ve seen it on the news.  Any white man who uses a gun is a white supremacist, not a mentally ill person.  Meanwhile, when two racists black people shoot up a Jewish deli, that doesn’t fit the narrative or accomplish their goal, so the story never gets off the ground.