Houston: Home Invaders Assaulting Husband Chased Off By Wife with a Gun

Houston, TX—One Texas couple is counting their blessings this Christmas.  Houston Police report that on November 27th, three thugs tried to pull off a home invasion in broad daylight.   It was just after 12:30 in the afternoon when a vehicle pulled up outside the couple’s home.  The husband was working outside their house in the 9000 block of Shady Lane.

A dark-tinted four door vehicle drove by slowly, and then pulled a U-turn and came back to his house.  As soon as it came to a stop, two unidentified males immediately opened the door and ran up behind the man.  They were both holding handguns.

The two men grabbed him, while the third thug parked the car and joined them in assaulting the homeowner.

They drug him into his house and began demanding all of his money.

Thankfully, his wife heard the commotion.   She grabbed a handgun from the bedroom and came out with the gun raised at the suspects.

One of the suspects fired shots towards the wife but his shots missed.  Now that the tables had turned, the thugs ran out of the house and fled in their vehicle.

‘Not OUR Neighborhood!’

Neighbors were shocked to hear of the armed home invasion.

“We all live around here. We bother nobody, so why would they come and attack him like that,” neighbor Donna Freeman said.

“I’m glad it didn’t escalate or get any more violent. I’m glad no one really got hurt,” Harold Austin, another neighbor, said.

Meanwhile, Detective Jeff Breiden of the Houston Police Department said that they’re taking this event seriously.  “You hear these victims years later that continue to have nightmares because of cases like this, and that’s why it’s extremely important to us as a department.”

Two of the suspects are described as black males, 30 to 32 years old, 5’9” to 5’11” tall and weighing 225 pounds. Police say there was also a third male suspect.

If They Can Strike Here…

Doing household work in the yard during a Tuesday lunch hour in a nice neighborhood.  Situational awareness is a component.  If the man had been aware of the car and seen the rather suspicious way they were driving, maybe he could have gotten into the house.  Or he could have pulled his own weapon if he had been carrying.

Still, we’ll give credit where credit is certainly due!  This guy had a gun in his house.  Plus, we’re assuming from her great response that his wife had trained how to respond if anything like this ever happened.

That’s a good reminder for the rest of us.  Make sure you run your family through those scenarios from time to time.  It just might save your life.